Friday, August 13, 2010

Cosmic Thoughts

Well, last night I decided to let my inner nerd out and stay up to watch a meteor shower. I had never experienced this thing before and I figured, "Aw heck, why not!" As I stood on my sister's porch alone, gazing up into the heavens I was struck by a few thoughts.
At first I felt the typical, "the universe is so huge and I am just one insignificant nothing in the grand scheme of things...blah blah blah" However, my perspective began to shift when I realized that, although the universe is grand and vast and I may feel like some little unknown, I have had so many experiences in my life lately to remind me that I am not unknown. There is a God in those heavens who knows me perfectly. Even in a world crowded with a population equally numerous to those points of glorious light, He is aware of the individual! Crazy isn't it?
Then I thought about all of the people in the world who don't know that. What a sad life that must be. When they start thinking that they are an insignificant nothing, they don't snap out of it to the realization of their worth as a soulful creation of a loving Father. It helped me to refocus on my desire to get back out on a mission. So many people are lost and wandering just because nobody has ever told them who they are.
Man, that was kind of preachy. Oh well, what can I say? Mission not yet complete.