Sunday, October 23, 2011

For Alicia, in Mexico-land

Look, Alicia, I'm making a blog post! Cool, huh? Remember that one time when this blog was updated on a weekly basis? I remember that. It hasn't happened that way in quite some time. It's hard to write when you feel you have nothing to say. However, I have a lot to say.

After the recent conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I was reminded that today's technology can be used for oh so many things, including the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people in my life are SO good about doing this very thing that I have become inspired by their examples. I am going to regularly update this bloggy-thing and share experiences that I have in my little life that strengthen my testimony of the Savior. Also, I may just share some deets about my life. What's new and all of that jazz.

First, can I just tell you about an experience I had in my French class a few weeks ago? I can? Ok, good. I was going to anyway... Let me set for you the stage. I attend to a tiny college in the middle of nothing in the desert of eastern Arizona. I HEART said college! It's a dandy little place. Well, at this place of magic that is Eastern Arizona College, I study languages. As part of that I am in a French class. Because this school is so little the French 101 and 102 classes are combined making a grand total of maybe 20 students. In my 102 class there are 3 of us. Yup, 3. Because there are fewer of us we are normally put in the class room next-door and while the professor is teaching the larger 101 class we are being taught by one of three fellows. Martin (Actually from France and is attending EAC on a tennis scholarship. How random is that?), Caylon (served his mission in France and is a Mr. Smarty-pants-know-it-all.), or Marcus (has gone through the French program here at EA and teaches our class 2 days a week as part of a work-study job). Now to describe m classmates. All 2 of them. First is Brittany. She is the sister of Marcus and just sweet as pie! We were in 101 together and got to know each other pretty well. She's a good kid, I like her. Gold star for Brittany. Next is Brandon. Oh, how to describe Brandon? He was born in France but raised in New Mexico. This essentially mean that he speaks perfect French but has not the foggiest of idea how to read or write in it. He's a funny boy, but he' 18 year old kid on his own for the first time. He comes in hung over or smelling of pot quite a bit. He's a really nice boy but he has some struggles. Whew, that was quite the setting of the stage. Now, on to the story.

The topic of religion comes up rather frequently in this little trio. It started with Brandon always wanting to know why I'm wearing a dress on Tuesdays. I explain that it is because I have a little church meeting at the institute on Tuesdays called devotional. He is welcome to come with me any time he would like. "No Brandon, you don't have to wear a tie..." The next time Brandon asks if I'm a Mormon. "Yup, sure am." Then he asks Brittany if she is also a Mormon. "No Brandon, I'm a Christian." is the response. Like a knife to the heart. I explain to them, "Hey, Mormons are Christians too..." To which I receive a "Yeah, ok..." from Brittany. Ouch.

This was all about a week before the whole "Mitt Romney are Mormons a cult?" fiasco. I am here to tell you that members of the Church Of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) are indeed Christians. I know that Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that salvation comes in and through Him. I know this. I know the Bible to be the word of God. I know that God is my loving Father in heaven who sent His son to atone for my sins. If this does not define Christianity, then I just don't know what does. My name is Anna Elmer. I am a Mormon. I am a Christian. They are one and the same.