Friday, December 3, 2010

Nuggets of Knowledge

Don't be mislead by the title, it's not real knowledge. Certainly nothing that can be used on a trivia game show. These are just a few...shall we call them realizations? Perhaps some are re-realizations.

1) I am not dedicated or focused enough to be a person that prefers online classes. It's true. I have found this semester that there are two types of people in this college going world; those who like online classes and those who hate them and think they are burning out their brain with the amount of time that must be expended in front of a computer screen to pass them. Turns out I am one of the latter.

2) I LOVE when worlds collide!
I live multiple lives. That's right, I am a clandestine government agent. Ok, probably not. What I mean is I have these different places or times that I associate (and maybe compartmentalize) people with. For example, there are my friends from Eagar, the ones I grew up with and have known forever. Then there are my friends from college, friends from Mexico (not necessarily Mexican, that is just where I met them and we came to be friends), friends from my EFY life, Ukraine, etc. I have a friend (from college, in case you were wondering) who hates "when worlds collide". I have had a lot of world collisions over the past few months and realize that I love it! When my friend I met in Mexico meets my cousin in Alaska, or when a college homie meets hometown friends.
At first it tends to be slightly awkward because they both know a few things about one another without realizing it yet. College friend has heard adventures from my life with Eagar friend and vice versa. Then it gets great! That is, until they start exchanging embarrassing stories about me because I am the link between them... Pictured is world collision. Karen (college) meets Liz, Alicia and Kassandra (Mexico) and it was marvelous!

3) Bitterness is an unproductive emotion
Sometimes "life gives you lemons" as the phrase goes. Truly there are just the two outcomes. Accept it, move on or let it fester and become embittered. You can always choose. Always. With that being said, why let yourself choose the second option? "Don't allow yourself to become discouraged. Sure, you are allowed to be disappointed...for about 3 seconds. Then, move on and move up." -A speaker from my MTC time whose name I cannot recall at this exact moment. It doesn't really matter who said it, it just matters that it is good solid advice. Plus, lemons shouldn't make people bitter, maybe sour or even zesty, but not bitter.

4) Think with an "eternal perspective"
It's amazing how often people sweat the small stuff. Really, just take a step back and think "Will this have an effect on my eternal salvation?" More often than not, the answer for me is "no". So, why get SO caught up in it? Do what you feel it right and own the decision.

5) Live in the moment.
It seems contradictory to number 4, huh? It really isn't. This time, right now, will never happen exactly the same again, not for the rest of forever. Even if you are not in your ideal situation, live it and love it. Don't live too much in the past or the future, it will rob you of the here and now. I know it sound so cliché, but perhaps there is a reason that certain phrases or ideas are repeated SO very often. They are real and there is not a single human life that isn't affected by it.

6)Finally, just because can do something, doesn't mean you should.
For example, I can eat taquitos and rocky road ice cream for dinner, that doesn't make it a good idea. Take it from me, it really is not a good idea. I can sleep in until 10 every morning, but that doesn't mean I should. I can be a hypocrite and not take any of my own advice and try to recapture the past and be bitter when the plans I have for my life get turned upside down, but that doesn't mean I will. It also doesn't mean I haven't. In all honesty I am putting this stinkin' post up in the hopes that someone will benefit from my foolishness. Even if it is just a future me who has fallen back into bad habits.