Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Week of Provo

So time continues to soar by here! What everyone says is so true. The days take forever, but the weeks are so short. It's like I'm in the twilight zone or something! I leave here on Wednesday mornig at 6 am! Our flight actually leaves SLC at 9:45? 9:30? Aw heck, I just don't remember. I'm crazy excited to go though! It is going to be a 13 hour flight straight through. And I can't listen to the music or watch the movies. Long, long flight.
I will miss the amazing devotionals and firesides here. They always have awesome speakers. This week it was Elder Hafen of the 70. His talk was just for me I swear it's true...except that's what every single missionary has said about it...haha. Oh, I have been singing in the MTC choir and the choir director sounds just like the Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man! It's hilarious. I love it when he uses phrases like "I should say." It's the best.
So while being here I have known 2 missionaries who have lost a loved one since they've been in the MTC. I have reached the conclusion that if you have to recieve news like that, this is the very place to get it. It's amazing what the Spirit can do for us when we just try to live our very best so He can be a constant influence in our lives.
My conpaionships are going well. Hermana Barlow and I have so much fun all the time! Hermana Schnebly is just so very quiet. She is an individual that has to be addressed before she will speak. I should probably be more like that. I love my companions. They keep my on track and on schedule. I think there might be something about this place that brings out the ADD in me. I have never had such a hard time trying to focus in my life! It's crazy!
Speaking of crazy and being off topic, I got my hair cut yesterday. It's pretty great! ...I guess that's all I have to say about that...
I don't kow when my P-Day will be in Peru but I'm sure you'll figure it out when you get an email from me. Oh yeah, Mom I got the package you sent! Yippee hoorah!!! Thank you so very much! I wioll be sending one right back atcha before I leave.
So how was Stockton's b-day? I can't believe he's so old! Geez, i think that him being 6 make me amost 100. My math might be a little off on that one.
I want to tell you very briefly about my district. I have the very funniest group of Elders known to man! They are all so hilarious but in completely different ways. One of them, Elder Price, reminds me a lot of Tanner. He may or may not be my favorite...ok ok, he is. Speaking of Tanner, now also of Bryan, I haven't recieved their weekly e-mail forwards. Mom, if you could arrange that somehow, that would be marvelous! What was I talking about...oh yeah, my district! Elder Price's comp is Elder Tew. He is kind of a can do funny voices and make crazy facial expressions funny. Elder Paustenbaugh can do impressions really well and they are so great! His Companion is Elder Pinther, our district leader. Elder Pinther doesn't make to many jokes but his reactions to joke are what crack me up. He just really enjoys a good long laugh. Finally it's Elder Jackson and Elder Jarmen. Elder Jackson makes jokes but you have to really be listening or you miss them. It's a pretty dry sense of humor and he was really quiet that first week so I thought he was very serious. Turn's out he's one of my favorites too. His companion Elder Jarmen is still very quiet but he is kind of sneaky funny. He left us Hermanas a message on the white board from Pres Smith (MTC president) telling us that because Peru had been selected as the new location for a school of whichcraft and wizardry, we were being reassigned. Hermana Schnebly, From Mesa, was going to the Mesa, Arizona mission, Click speaking. Hermana Barlow, from Sandy was going to the SLC south mission "Canadian" speaking and I was reassigned to mars, Mongolian speaking. That will be fun.
I love you all immensly!
Hermana Elmer

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  1. I know I'm the only one that comments on here and I don't know if you even read these, but I love hearing this! I'm so excited for you!!!