Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovin' the New Companion

Well my new companion Hna de Leon is just amazing! This week went super well and we have the most new investigators in our zone. We met so many families this week, just waiting to hear our message. Well, they already heard some of it but they are gonna hear a lot more. One of them is a family of Seventh day Adventists...interesting. The good news is we don´t have to try to convince they to keep the sabbath day holy, just to keep it holy on Sunday. We have a lesson with them tonight...Sabbath day observance. I´ll let you know. Percy received the marvelous gift of the holy ghost yesterday. What and amazing blessing! Their family has a goal of getting to the temple in Cochabamba Bolivia next year :) They´ll make it.
Well, the work continues to press forth and just count my blessings that the Lord is allowing me to be a part of it.
Strange Arequipa slang of the week: pata. The word actually means leg. How it´s used around here : Este pata! Ya el es mi pata. Friend, buddy, homies things like that. Strange.
I´m a little short on time today but just know that I love you all and thank you for your emails and prayers.
Con amor y cariƱo
Hermana Anna Elmer

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