Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

To this mission was I called and in this mission shall I remain. Transfers were yesterday and I´m still here in Zamacola which means Peru Arequipa mission when it is split in July. I´m so grateful to still be here! Things are going so great! We had to drop Julio.
But, on a happy note, Percy Huaranca is now a baptized member of the true church! Yay! It was so great! I have never met a more earnest and humble man in all my life. Also, I must tell you about the "Matrimonio Massivo" Percy and his now legit wife Juana got married on Saturday in this ceremony...with 107 other couples! Don´t worry, it was just about the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. There was this background music playing the whole time and half of the songs were in Spanish and the others were in English. The ones in English were NOT wedding music. We´re talking Madonna singing Material girl. Haha Also there was a clown on stilts throwing confetti at the couples. Not on or around the couples, AT. With a vengeance. Hahahaha! So many people showed up to support Percy and his little family on Sunday. They have a goal to get to the temple and I really think they will make it. This is why we have the gospel. Eternal families and the happiness that they bring.
This other family we know is progressing. They came to church on Sunday! Yay! That´s such a victory. I don´t know why but trying to get people to church around here is quite the process.
Also, a new investigator, Virginia is doing really well. She referenced herself from Temple square in SLC. She is so very interested and came to church on Sunday too!!!!
Well, times up. I sure love you all!
Hermana Anna Elmer

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