Monday, May 31, 2010

What Pineapple?

So Julio Cesar didn´t come to sacrament meeting this Sunday. That means he has lost his baptismal date...again. My companion told me he has had 4 others. Unless he has a really good reason for mot being there, we are going to have to drop him. He´s so great and he loves the messages and keeps all of the commitments but just can´t get himself to church. He´s what is referred to as an eternal investigator. Que piña. Speaking of, que piña is a weird slang here. Directly translated is means "what pineapple" the meaning that is transmitted however is, "Well that stinks". Haha crazy Arequipeños!
Percy`s wedding is set for Saturday and his baptism on Sunday. I worry about him though. He still doesn´t really have any testimony of Joseph Smith or the BOM. This is a problem. I asked him why he wanted to get baptized so badly if he didn´t believe those things. He said that his family is in our church and he wants to be with his family. While this is good, it is not enough. We have an appointment with him tonight to review a few things. I guess we`ll see. I´m praying for some serious inspiration.
Not sure what happened there but, to finish my email:
We met a new family, believe it or not, through my silly English class! Haha Two young boys and their mom. She is the sister of the 1st counselor of our ward. Thus, she has a pretty good base already, I really think they will progress!
So this time next week I may or may not be in another area. My companion has 3 or 4 transfers here so chances are pretty good that if one of us is to go, it will be her. I guess we´ll see!
Oh, it was brought to my attention last week that after I told ya´ll you could send me emails, I failed to share my address, oops. anna.elmer Haha I can´t get the "at" key to work on this kayboard...
Well, I sure love ya!
Con amor!
Hermana Anna Elmer

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