Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Story of Julius Caesar and Other Great Tales

Well hello all! Guess what, we set the date to have Julius Caesar baptized (I know,I know, et tu Brute?). Anyway he is this great investigator and he has been getting the lessons from the sister missionaries for about 6 months now. The problem, he had to work on Sundays. However, he has a new job now and can come to church! He is so excited and he told us that he feels right. Oh yeah, his name is really Julio Cesar.
Oh hey, I´ve been a missionary for 3 months today! Cool huh?
To answer your question mom, no I didn´t feel any earthquakes lately. Oh yeah, I got a bunch of letters the other day so thank you to all of you amazing people who sent them! I have written most of you back but our zone leaders canceled our plans to go to el centro today so they will have to wait another week to be sent. Sorry.
Mom, you asked what I eat. Well the diet hasn´t changed much from the CCM. Still insane amounts of rice, chicken, and potatoes of every kind. It´s a good time.
We´re still waiting for Percy to get married, the date is coming up soon! Also, I can´t remember if I ever told you about Johnathan. He´s a new investigator but he´s talked to missionaries before. He´s really funny and always makes strange faces at me. I don´t know if it´s because he can´t understand my Spanish or because I´m a white girl. It´s really kind of a problem here. I´ve never been whistled at so many times in my life (and that includes living in Mexico!) The other day a man was trying to take my picture on his cell phone. It was really creepy and my companion and I ran away. She told me, "it will be like this for your whole mission" Gee, thanks.
Anyway, the work continues to roll forth and I feel so blessed everyday to get to be a small part of the miracle.
I sure love ya´ll
Con cariƱo
Hermana Anna Elmer
Oh yeah, I´m going to start teaching an English class this week to try to get investigators to the church. Wish me luck, I don´t have any idea where to start...

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