Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Mission Field! Por Fin!

So I am here in my first area! Yippee Hoorah! It´s called Zamacola and it´s in Arequipa. We´re about 15 minutes from the mission office. My trainer is so great! Her name is Hermana Jimenez and she has a lot of patience, which I would wager is a requisite to be my companion. All is going swimmingly. She has been in this area for more than 3 months! Crazy. She seriously knows everything! I love her so much, we have fun. We are preparing a young girl named Rayza for her baptism on Saturday. She is so excited! I´m not gonna lie, so am I!
Oh, I got some dearelders! Yahoo! They were from Deva and Rebecca. Thank you so much, I can´t count how many times I´ve read them. Don´t worry, you are both getting real letters back, I just wanted you to know I got them.
This area is really great. My companion always says she´s cold. I don´t get it. I can´t see my breath, I´m not cold. Everyone always asks if I need a sweater.
Sorry this is so lame, I had all kinds of things to talk about but now they are not coming to mind. Oh yeah, in our next transfer, wherever we get transferred to will be our mission for the rest of our time. For example, if I get transferred to somewhere in the soon to be Cusco mission, that will be my mission for the rest of my time. If I remain in the boundaries of the Arequipa mission, then here I shall stay. All of heard from my companion is how awesome Puno (A city in the Cusco mission) is. She was there for 6 months and LOVED it. I really have no preference. Where ever I am is where the Lord needs me.
Well, I love you all! Thank you for you support and prayers!
Con amor,
Hermana Anna Elmer.
Oh yeah, I get to call you next Sunday Mom!!!!! Whoop whoop!

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  1. I'm just so happy she got the dearelder!! :D