Monday, May 10, 2010

Married? Or Not Married? That is the REAL Question

So this week was great! Rayza got baptized on Saturday night and confirmed on Sunday (I´ll try to include some pictures). I got out of talking in church (through no effort on my part) and we had a multizona. What is a multizona you might ask. Well, I might answer that multizona = 7 hours of sitting. Bleh. But during this time of sitting I am also given counsel on how to be a more effective missionary, so I guess it all evens out.
Oh, I got a super great surprise this morning: a bright happy pink package from my wonderful ward! Yippee hooray! Seriously, that was so awesome, thank you to everyone who helped to put that together. Also, I got some dearelders! Lyndee, Ryan and Alicia, you each will be receiving a response shortly. Speaking of letters and responses and all that jazz, turns out that in my mission I can receive and respond to emails from anyone in the whole wide world!!!! long as they are not within the mission boundaries of the Peru Arequipa mission. Happy day huh?
Well, family, it was so wonderful to talk to all of you last night! Thank you for your love and support! I loved hearing all of your voices and hearing all about what´s new in your lives! Remember, pictures make missionaries awfully happy... :)
So there´s this investigator, Percy, and he wants to get baptized so badly! (believe me, we want him to get baptized as well) However, as is all too common the problem around here, he has to marry his wife first. I´m not sure where the distinguishing line is for the folks of Latin America but they call people their spouses when they are not actually legally married. I don´t know if it starts when they move in together or when they have their first child but somewhere in they they go from novios to esposos. Anyway, Percy needs to marry his spouse (who is already a member) and then he can get baptized. To get married around here costs an awful lot so they have to wait until there is a mass wedding ceremony on June 5th (the day before transfers). If I get transferred, I will miss his baptism by one single day. We will just have to wait in see how it all shakes out.
Well, I love you all! Chao!
Con amor,
Hermana Anna Elmer

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