Monday, May 17, 2010


Well just another week on the lord´s errand. I love it so much! I wrote down some things that I wanted to be sure to put in this email to ya´ll and then I went and left this list in my room! Yikes. Anyway, I will try to remember what I can. Oh hey, if Percy gets married on Saturday the 5th he wants to get baptized that night! So, no matter how transfers go, I will still be able to go to his baptism! Yippee! I want to tell you a little bit about my area Zamacola. Zamacola is the part in the middle. There is also Rio Seco and Belaunde. If we are in Rio Seco and have an appointment in Belaunde, it takes about a 45 minute walk through Zamacola, up hill. However if we are in Belaunde and need to get to an appointment in Rio Seco, it´s a bout a 15 minute walk straight down hill. It´s still pretty toasty during the day for being almost winter but it´s all good. At night everyone asks me if I need a coat because they all think it´s cold. When I tell them no thank you, I´m actually a little warm they look at me like I´m from another planet (as if they don´t all look at me like that anyway...) Other questions that I get asked at least once a day : Are you German? Is your hair natural?(as if I make it look this way on purpose!) How many meters do you have (aka, How tall are you?) And finally Oh you´re from the United States, do you know Michael Jackson? That one is my favorite. Haha PS Peru, MJ died.
So we are teaching a woman named Claudia and she is so interested during the lessons then when we come back, it´s like we have to start all over again because she just can´t remember anything we talked about last time. Haha, it´s a work in progress.
I tried to send pictures but no luck.
Love you all!!!!!! Thank you for the pictures!
Con amor,
Hermana Anna Elmer

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