Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CCM Time, Ticking Away

Ok, let's try this again.
Well, hello! So this week has been interesting. The coordinating sister business is fun. It's like being an EFY counselor for big kids! I love it. My new compañera is so great! She is just this quiet little thing but she has opened up more and more each day. I just love her. She is quite possibly even smaller than Hna Reyes, I wouldn't think that that would be possible. Yesterday we had an "enseñanza"-teaching- with Elder Loli. He's a 70. As if that isn't rough enough, 3 districts were observing. Yikes. It went well though. It made me realize how much I just don't know. Teaching in general and teaching in Spanish especially. I have only 2 more short weeks here then I'm out to el campo! Whoop!
Our zone had an "English fast" yesterday. That was an adventure. No English, puro español. We figured that when it tells us to fast and pray often in the scripture, it doesn't say what kind of fast. It helped me learn a lot of new words for sure! I think that I'm doing ´pretty ok with the Spanish. They have me translate the meetings sometimes. I sit at the back of the chapel and translate for the new North Americans into a microphone and they have headsets. It's really fun I like it. Sometimes I get a little lost so I just have to give my best guess...Don't tell my faithful listeners though...
So today is the no more mail sent to the CCM day. From now on letters should be sent to my mission home address. I gave that to you a few emails past.
Here's a random story, yesterday one of the latina sisters was trying to ask her companion the sound that Americans think a chicken makes. Apparently south american chickens sound different or something. I told her companion what she wanted and she said was so confused so I just made the chicken sound. The latina sister thought that that was just about the greatest thing she'd ever heard and had me do it over and over again. Now sometimes missionaries will just come up and ask me for farm animal noises. I don't get it.
Well I love the work and I am so excited for another proseletismo this Saturday! We've only gone that one time. I will be sure to tell you how it goes! Hopefully something like D&C 112:19 :)
I sure love ya'll!
Hermana Anna Elmer
Oh PS, if any of you have sent me Dearelders, I will not get them until I got out to my mission home, I promise I'm not ignoring you!
Picture are working! Yippee Hoorah! There´s one of a groups of us sisters at the temple, one of my district, one of me in my official P-day shirt, the nutcracker one, and my new comp. (Thank you Wendy, Megan and Karen)

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