Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lord Is My Light, Then Why Should I Fear?

I´ve had that song stuck in my head all week and it seems appropriate. Wow, the people of Perú are ready for this gospel. Last Saturday we had this thing called proseletismo. We got to go out and teach, for reals! We were trying to reactivate less active and in-active members. Every single one we got to said that they would attend last Sunday! Yippee hoorah! Also, while we were out and about my companion and I were able to get contacts for the missionaries in the field of that mission. They were just so willing to accept the message of the restored gospel. They tell us all the time that the hearts are prepared but it was amazing to me to actually see it.
Also, it was a very sobering experience. Some people here have so very little, we got to one "house" and I was fighting back tears. I know that the gospel can improve lives and make life more joyful. It can't get these people out of their circumstances but it can help them to know that it's not all about this life. It can give them the stregnth and resolution to "endure to the end". Isn't that what we all need? Ah! I just love this all so much!
Oh yeah, I'm going to try to send pictures this week but I don't know how successful it will be...
Oh, fun story. Apparently I have bronchitis. Who knew. I have this gnarly cough hat makes me sound like a barking dog. It's really quite lovely. They gave me some no name mystery pills and said if your not better in a week, come see us again. :) Haha
So I want to share with you 2 things. One, a scripture that I came across and loved Psalms 61:2. Two, my Spanish blunder of the week. We were in an enseñanza "teaching" and my comp and I were being the investigators for some other missionaries. I was asking them about tithing and what it was for. I was trying to say "Do you pay your bishop? I know a lot of churches pay their leaders." I confused the verb pagar-to pay with the verb pegar-to hit. I was asking these poor elders if they hit their bishop. I didn't even notice my error until my companion broke into fits of laughter. Oops.
Mom, thank you so much for you e-mails! I love them so much. Thank you for your example of service! You are amazing to me.
In the package I could for sure use more knee highs just regular skin color. I go through them pretty fast... And an emphasized reminder to not send it here to the CCM! Mission home would be just fine though. :) Tell the ward members thank you for their thoughtfulness!
I lose my little hermanita this next week! Then I will have a new one for my last 3 weeks. I love Hermana Reyes just oh so much!
Oh yeah, letters, as in in an envelope, take about 9 days to get here and dearelders kind of just come whenever...just a thought :)
Sorry this email is so scattered! Just know that I love you all and am grateful for you everyday! "May the lord bless you and keep you"
With all my love!
Hermana Anna Elmer
PS, technology hates me and for this reason, the pictures were a failure...

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